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Childhood Memories of Nigeria

No matter how fleeting one's childhood is, the memories, particularly the wonderful ones are permanently etched in my psyche. Despite negative perceptions that Nigeria as well as African countries are accustomed to receiving in the foreign press, nothing can dim the happiness that radiates in the lives of its citizens. I for one lived such an idyllic life in Nigeria. Carefree was the word to sum up my childhood back home. No time for worries, the only time that was planned was how to play with my mates till the late hours. NEPA hassled us with their constant interruption of electricity, but our creativity in keeping ourselves entertained existed in the outdoors where my siblings and some friends would gather around to amuse each other. The red gate in my compound, or what may be referred to as a cul-de-sac was a deterrent to thieves that rarely ventured into the compound. I still remember sitting on top of the fence with my elder brother, tying a piece of paper, to resemble a snake, to scare away pedestrians.
But each year marked an ascent into my teen years. At 10, I was squired into the boarding house at Lutheran High school, Obot Idim where I would spend 6 years. Another memory that taught me how to survive without the help of mom and dad. Petty stealing and punishment were common. I knew how to manage my pocket money given to me by my doting parents and relatives and to escape punishment from Senior students. I enjoyed bathing in the stream in Afaha village, very close to my high school. I led a spartan life, like most students, but I took it in stride. But at the end of six years, I took my SSCE exams, passed it and got into college.
I led a free life in college. Now, there wasnt anybody to keep track of my movements if I missed a class. I lived off campus and majored in Communication Arts in college. I truly enjoyed my days in college, because of the freedom that I had. There was no punishments, except for the periodic strike embarked on by lecturers to advocate for fringe benefits/higher salary.

During that time, tragedies hit my home. My beloved grandmother died, followed by my dad. And a year later, I departed to America, where pangs of homesickness hit me. Throughout the years, I have had my share of sorrows like the death of my parents and a younger sibling. Death is all too common in our life, and what I have noticed in life is that the world is full of joys and sorrows. What we choose to make of them is part of what shapes our character.



Good to know you shared those great momories that I had in the smae part of Nigeria. I wven schooled in Lutheran High School, Ikot Ekpene(less popular than Obot idim).

Here is hoping that whateever life brings your way, you will find ways to create the joy that you deserve- For h'happiness lies in ourselve'.

Also, remeber to contribute, emotionally and financially tot he growth of that place called home. They need it though a lot has changed and there's been lots of positive improvements.


owo on nairaland
It is a beautiful piece on Nigeria and your childhood. As some of know that the music of Nigeria includes many kinds of folk and popular music, some of which are known worldwide. Styles of folk music are related to the multitudes of ethnic groups in the country, each with their own techniques, instruments and songs. Could you throw some light onto the musical aspect of Nigeria?
Nigeria sounds like a beautiful place in which you have wonderful memories! I have a lot of friends from Nigera and it's funny, they have some of the same childhood memories!!
Unforgettable memories with enough flashbacks in dramatic narrative can make this a successful blook and see how you can make it read like a good blook.

To challenge your genius, see Blooker Prize on Google.

Again, post your images direct on your blog posts instead of just the links.

Well done and God bless.
hi there in response to your comment on my page--thanks for the comment by the way--but I am not sure what you meant by the sign--what is in reference to the sign on my page--so I can change it! I am not seeing what you are talking about!
God Bless!
I too enjoy my memories from Immaculate Conception Itak Ikono ,the freedom of college was amazing :)
I also "did time" at Obot Idim (the best there is) and still relish the fun times in memories. I took my SSCE in 1988 (first batch). I completely identify with you memories; I'm reading your story about life in the boarding house and it might have well be me narrating. You do sound very much like someone I may know or at least remember. My initials: E.A. I am back in Toronto Canada with my family. It is sad that tragedies happen but unfortunately they are part of life. Be strong, my friend and God bless.
Great piece of writing. Keep it up.
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